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How to protect concrete substrates subjected to low temperatures? Find out now!

protectie bazin de stocare

                                                                           (storage tank)

Description of the application environment

For sustainable protection of concrete substrates is recommended to use a protection system which meets all environmental factors. Otherwise, it can lead to erosion caused by chemical influences.

In this case, the concrete bottom of a liquid  storage tank was protected by a special system, Proguard CN-1M W4 to be more precise.

Chemical stress is always present in the storage tank. To deal with the acidification process (pH value <3!), ProGuard System CN-1M provides the necessary protection to this type of environment. 


There is a "winter version" of the product

This type of system contains a number of agents that allows easy application even at low temperatures down to - 10 ° C.

First of all, the surface should be properly prepared and cleaned. The edges are pre-treated with a brush. Subsequently, a thin layer of rubber was applied.

To superimpose layers and to obtain a homogeneous surface, a spiked roller was used. Low viscosity material help fill the pores of the concrete surface.

The product is applied directly without the need of a primer, which means fast application and avoidance of long shutdown times. The surface of the storage tank (25 meters diameter) is approximately 490 m2 and the application was made in a single day.


protectie bazin de stocare     protectie bazin de stocare     

                           (application process)                                                                        (application process)


Benefits offered by the Proguard CN-1M W4 protection system

• Excellent chemical resistance

• Permanent thermal resistance at temperatures up to 150 ° C

• Resistance to abrasion and wear

• Excellent adhesion to the surface

• Applied directly on concrete substrates

• Application is made using a single layer

• Application and drying even at low temperatures, dry ambient temperature to -10 ° C

• 100% solvent-free

• Physiologically harmless after curing


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