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Special products for corrosion protection

An adequate material applied correctly, that meets your needs will guarantee safety and durability. This is how you protect both surfaces and your investments.

This is why we have a complete range of materials you can choose from so that you would have the guarantee of an optimum surface protection against corrosion, wear and abrasion.

Depending on your needs, we recommend the right products and services. All you have to do is to contact us.

Anti-corrosion systems can be employed in the most demanding chemical, thermal and mechanical conditions, against varied corrosion classes and, at the same time, they meet the most exacting industrial standards for quality and performance.

Choose long-term safety with systems composed of materials that fit your needs!



Ceramic polymers

High-performance coatings with integrated micro ceramic particles for different fields of application.

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Rubber linings

Rubber lining systems provide excellent protection for equipmentes and industrial installations.   

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Epoxy resin coatings

Protect both metal and concrete surfaces against corrosion and abrasive media at high temperature conditions.   

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Acid Proof Paints

Outstanding resistance to corrosive chemicals and moisture, used in a wide range of interior and exterior applications across many industries. 

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Brick linings and tiling systems

Brick linings, ceramic tiles and vinyl tiles offer abrasive wear protection and increase realiability and corrosion protection.

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Special mortars and screeds

Synthetic resin base mortars and screeds are recommended as bedding, tiling, flooring and jointing compound wich assure corrosion protection.

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Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring based on synthetic resins protect concrete substrates from corrosive attack and prevent penetration by chemicals. 

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Plastics components

Plastic components (duroplastic and thermoplastic) with excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents and oxidizing agents.

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