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Ceramic polymers


protectie rugina metal

Corrosion is the deterioration of materials by chemical interaction with their environment. The consequences of corrosion are many and varied and direct related to metal structure destroying. The effects of these on the safe, reliable and efficient operation of equipment or structures affects in time total costs with equipements.

But what can you do to prevent those problems caused by corrosion and reduce additional costs allocated for industrial protections?

Anti-corrosion coatings act as a barrier to inhibit the contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials. B-Team Corrosion Protection offers high-performance coatings with integrated micro ceramic particles for different fields of application. The properties of the ceramic – chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and weathering stability – justify the high quality of our coating systems. 

Certificates and results of extensive test series prove the superiority and quality of the our coating systems based on ceramic polymers: 

  • The best protection against corrosion
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to impact
  • Flexibility to large bending
  • 100% solvent free
  • Excellent chemical and thermal resistance
  • Big savings on application costs
  • Extreme durability

Ceramic Polymer coatings can be applied directly onto the blasted substrate without the previous use of a primer, an essential advantages compared to conventional corrosion protection.

Our materials can be used on concrete, steel and even on plastic surfaces and protection can be achieved with a minimum amount of disruption to the surrounding environment.

B-Team Corrosion Protection offers corrosion protection based on ceramic polymers systems for neutralizing stations, water demineralization plants, water treatment plants, thermal power plants.

Applications of ceramic polymers:

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