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Chimnesy and flue gas ducts

corrosion protection of internal surfaces of chimneys


For corrosion protection of internal surfaces of chimneys and flue gas ducts you can use corrosive linings systems based on synthetic resins COROFLAKE.

COROFLAKE 18 based on Novolac vinyl ester offers an excellent chemically resistant against inorganic acids, aliphatic and aromatic solvents, without allowing the pass of chemical condensed vapor, formed inside chimneys.

COROFLAKE 23 is certified in Romania for protection against flue gas corrosion and condens that forms  inside chimneys and flue gas channel. Suitable for stacks, raw gas and bypass ducts as well as heat exchangers. Has a great resistance on high temperatures because of Novolac vinyl ester resin applied in multiple layers and inert flakes from his composition.


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