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Acid Proof Paints

epoxy paint, floor paint, marinte paint, special metal paint

We offer you epoxy paint, floor paint, marinte paint, special metal paint for rust prevention and corrosion protection. Anti Corrosive paints and industrial coatings provides outstanding resistance to corrosive chemicals and moisture, and can be used in a wide range of interior and exterior applications across many industries. Engineered for extremely harsh applications, these specially epoxy products stand up to severe chemical environments and highly abrasive production areas.

For those areas where high chemical and abrasion resistance is a must we recommend ceramic polymer protection system. These are two pack systems with special composite coating containing micro-ceramic particles, reinforcement, based on an ultra modern resin base, providing chemical resistance, corrosion and abrasion protection to a wide variety of substrates in extremely aggresive environments. It can be easily applied on metals, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics), concrete and plastic substrates. 

Corogard 615 is a paint based on epoxy anti-acid resin, with a excellent adhesion on substrate. You cand apply it directly over rust or old coatings – even with moisture present.  
Coropur polyurethane paint feature a combination of great surface strength with high elasticity, and so ensure longterm corrosion protection of steel component parts. 

The coating system REMACOAT FDA is used as a multifunctional surface protection in many food processing and agricultural operations, because of its special qualities. REMACOAT FDA is similar as other polyurea materials, resistant against saline solutions, diluted non oxidizing acids and alkaline solutions at temperatures of up to +45 - 50°C.

For metal surfaces, as well for concrete, we recommend you to use COROFLAKE coatings. They are based on vinyl ester, epoxy and epoxy Novolac resins and reinforced with either C-glass flakes, mica or graphite.  COROFLAKE coatings offer economical long-term protection of installations and a long service life.

The advantages of anticorrosion paints:

  • Chemical and thermal excellent resistance 

  • Easiest repairing

  • Direct application on the substrate

  • High savings on application costs

  • High coverage

  • Extreme durability

  • Excellent adhesion to substrate

Specific applications:

  • Tanks, tubing

  • Offshore oil

  • Oil Tanks

  • Stairs and bridges

  • Water towers

  • Steel and concrete substrates



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COROPUR Polyurethane coatings

Alongside the simplicity of application and their high tolerance to moisture, COROPUR coatings feature a combination of great surface strength with high elasticity, and so ensure long-term corrosio

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Synthetic resins - Remacoat

REMACOAT is suitable for the coating of steel, concrete, light metal, plastics and many other materials. REMACOAT is insensitive to moisture, cures even at very low temperatures and is relatively insensitive to amb

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Acid proof paints - Corogard 615

COROGARD 615 is a two component, flake filled, epoxy coating system.

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