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Waste incineration

Waste incineration corrosion prevention


B-Team Corrosion Protection provides premium materials for rust controladvanced systems applied to ensure corrosion protection in treatment, waste incineration and neutralization processes. We offer you best solution based on epoxy resin, synthetic rubber, protective coatings, rubber products, industrial floors, plastic components, screed floor, acid bricks, for waste management and waste collection. 


Our lining materials provide excellent resistance  against corrosion, permeation, chemicals, abrasion, humidity, helping the wast incinerator to function continuously.

Main advantages:

  • Successfully applied in areas with temperature variations and high mechanical stress

  • Ensure a good function of incineration stations

  • Contribute to the environment protection


Applications from waste incineration include:
  • Power plants, pipelines

  • Ponds

  • Tanks

  • Ovens

  • Waste storage areas

High-quality systems for Waste incineration


Rubber linings:

Chemoline 4A

Chemoline 4B Chemoline 4CN


Synthetic resins:

Coroflake 23

Coroflake 28

Coroflake 29

Lining 74

Coropur Cover Ral

Coro Solico Ferro

Coro Silico Zinc ME II

Remacoat D-40


Special mortars and screeds


Brick linings and tiling systems


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