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Special mortars and screeds

cement mortars corrosion protection


Special cement mortars and screeds are used together with antacids bricks in complete corrosion protection systems. Synthetic resin base mortars and screed floor are resistant to extreme chemical stress, protecting the surfaces for a long period of time.

Synthetic resin base mortars and screeds floor offered by B-Team Corrosion Protection are recommended as bedding, tiling, flooring and jointing compound wich assure anticorrosion protection.

Thanks to their very good chemical properties, resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses, you can use our materials in high temperatures areas without any problems. Materials supplied provide significant productivity benefits on site in addition to enhanced surface quality.

The advantages of special mortars and screeds synthetic resins:

  • High chemical resistance to acids and alkalis

  • Increased surface durability

  • Resistance to abrasion

Specific applications:

  • Processing zones

  • Under technological lines

  • Support pumps

  • Process equipments

  • Compressors, tanks

  • Autoclave

  • Cooling towers

  • Base and retention tanks


Based on your needs, B-Team Corrosion Protection specialist will provide you consultancy in choosing the best solution, special designed to meet your application.

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Gama Asplit

Mortarele antiacide speciale din gama Asplit se utilizeaza ca mortare de pozare si rostuire a placilor ceramice, caramizilor si gresiilor antiacide.

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Gama Chemokitt

Mortare antiacide utilizate ca strat de baza sau mortar de imbinare pentru gresiile ceramice, caramizi sau fitinguri

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Mortare antiacide Eskanol

Aplicati cu succes gama de mortare Eskanol si garantati o protectie interioara sigura pentru toate echipamentele industriale si comerciale supuse unui strec mecanic si chimic ridicat.

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