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Extractive industry

mining industry corrosion protection


B-Team Corrosion Protection products help increase the life, reduce maintenance costs and improve quality of equipments from mineral-processing and extractive mining industries.

This wide selection of materials and their service lives affect operation cost and productivity that directly impacts the cost of the extracted metal. With the increased mechanization in mines, corrosion problems and material performance become increasingly important to the mining industry. 

For that, we offer complete systems for corrosion protection and repair systems, designed to ensure the the best operation in severe conditions (grinding media, dissimilar materials, oxygen, large pH range, stresses, high solids content).

B-Team Corrosion Protection offers vulcanised or self-vulcanising rubber lining systems (CHEMOLINE) for process tanks and fittings. Lining systems are predominately used to protect concrete areas in collecting basins.

For concrete storage basin areas we recommend you to use synthetic resin type systems (LINING).

Engineered in accordance with international legislation environment standards, our materials have high resistance against abrasion & corrosion, long trouble free operations and durability. The materials are able to fulfill the specific requirements of every client.


Materials can be used in processing operations, such as::

  • Batteries pipeline

  • Extraction (storage tanks, food tanks, agitators)

  • Sulfuric acid processing (drying columns, absorption towers, cannon gas purification)

  • Water treatment (treatment plants, storage tanks)


High-quality systems for Extractive industry:


Rubber linings:

Chemoline 3 

Chemoline 4A 

Chemoline 4B 

Chemoline 4CN

Chemoline 12 

Chemonit 31

Chemonit 34

Chemonit 35

Chemonit 181



Lining 65

Lining 74 Lining W


Polyurea coatings:

Remacoat D-40

Remacoat A-80




Corropur Ferro

Corropur Non Abrasiv Coropur Cover Ral

Synthetic resin coatings:

Coroflake 24, 24 M

Corogard 615  


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