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Industrial flooring

industrial floors corrosion protection


Industrial flooring linings based on synthetic resins from B-Team Corrosion Protection protect concrete substrates from corrosive attack, prevent penetration by chemicals and contribute to maintain the value of plant and storage areas. 
Top-quality flooring is manufactured using resins based on polyurethane, epoxy, vinylester, unsaturated polyester and they have a very good resistance to mechanical (vibrations, transportation and handling), thermal and chemical stress.
Depending on environmental conditions we offer a harmonise system, with a veriety of reinforcements and a very nice design.

The advantages of flooring systems based on synthetic resins:

  • Solve the surface problems of thermal cycles, steam cleaning, abrasion and strength

  • Traffic and wear resistance

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to apply, without pores

  • Resistance to aging 

  • Imperviousness to water vapour

Specific applications:

  • Production areas

  • Deposits

  • Collection areas

  • Industrial and civil construction


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