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Power Station/ Energy Industry

power stations corrosion protection


B-Team Corrosion Protection supplies industrial coatingsrubber lining materials, industrial floors, epoxy resin, plastic components, thermoplastics, screed floor, acid bricks, for various areas in modern power stations in order to extend the life of the installations and equipments in energy industry.  

For the corrosion protection of the plant according to the requirements of the customer, we offer you pre-vulcanised or selfvulcanising rubber lining systems (CHEMOLINE) or trowed, spray or laminate lining systems (COROFLAKE, TIP TOP LINING). 

Recommended products are distinguished both by excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures, and the saturated clean gas and against abrasion by the particles in the slurry. 


Specific applications in the energy industry:

  • Floors and special protections for special work rooms

  • Special paint for protection from high voltage poles

  • Demineralised water

  • Waste incineration plants

  • Flue Gas Desulphurisation  Plants


High-quality systems for Energy industry:


Rubber linings:

Chemoline 4A

Chemoline 4B Chemoline 4CN




Coroflake 14

Coroflake 18

Coroflake 23

Coroflake 24

Coroflake 28

Coroflake 29

Coroflake 48

Coroflake 60

Coropur Zinc

Linning 68

Topline 68

Topline W


Epoxy Floors:

Alkadur DFG



Joining materials. Mortars, smoothing coats:


Acid Cement 50HF




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