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Acid resistant coating services


Where can you apply acid-proof bricks?

Acid-proof bricks have a higher resistance against chemicals (acids, bases, oils, solvents, salts) and they can be successfully used at extreme temperatures. They are applied wherever there is a need for a higher strength to chemical stress and they guarantee a long life span of structures (applied under appropriate conditions) of even 50 years.

Acid-proof systems are deemed as one of the safest solutions against corrosion, moisture, wear, chemical stress, thermal stress, mechanical stress.

Service life and chemical stress resistance lead torecommend the application of acid-proof bricks on:

  • drain channels,
  • reaction and storage vessels,
  • storage tanks,
  • bleaching towers, clearing tanks,
  • autoclaves, sulphuric acid towers,
  • reactors, pickling lines,  neutralization tanks


What are the benefits from acid-proof brick lining services:

  • Flexibility – acid-proof bricks can be designed so as to accurately adapt to the specific conditions of a surface
  • Full brick lining systems – can be applied in complete acid-proof systems, alongside rubbers, synthetic resins lining and the corresponding acid-proof mortars
  • They ensure the longest service life of structures they are applied on

Based on an accurate survey on chemical and thermal exposure, as well as to mechanical or abrasive strain, you have the guarantee of an outstanding corrosion protection, a reduction in loss caused by process flow time-out and important savings.

How to choose the right team to apply acid-proof bricks?

Take 2 minutes and contact us to select together the right team for your project.

Depending on project needs, we apply acid-proof systems composed of:

  • Rubbers and acid-proof bricks or tiles together with corresponding acid-proof mortars
  • Synthetic resins lining plus acid-proof bricks/tiles and anti-acid mortars
  • Special mortars and screeds

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