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Industrial water treatment works

water treatment corrosion protection


Our materials for corrosion protection are highly resistant to chemical (acids and basic substances) and mechanical wear and tear, from industrial water treatment works. The combination of the high chemical resistance of lining systems and their good mechanical properties with low abrasion values allow our corrosion protection systems to be successfully applied on concrete, and help you in water treatment service.

We apply systems respecting your demands and site/ project requirements based with CHEMOLINE and CHEMONIT rubber linings and synthetic resin linings LINING, COROPUR, COROFLAKE and REMACOAT. The economical benefit ssociated with the use of our lining systems is due to the technology that allows them to be also applied to wet concrete, together with their simple working and rapid hardening. These factors are not only beneficial in the case of new plants, but also reduce maintenance costs.

CHEMONIT 181 and COROFLAKE 650 are particularly suitable for drinking water (KTW certification).

Specific applications:
  • Demineralized water plants

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Storage Tanks

  • Aeration tanks

  • Sedimentation baths

  • Pumps and parts

  • Aeration tanks

  • Sludge hickeners

  • Waste-water piping


Hogh-Quality Systems for Industrial water treatment works:


Rubber linings:




Synthetic resin coat:

Lining 65

Lining 74






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