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On-site rubber lining application for anti-corrosion protection

 rubber lining for anti-corrosion protection


We understand that a complete service allowing you an efficient resource management is a very important issue in your business. That is why we focus on improving final performance by a full audit, experienced technical teams and efficient solutions.

Irrespective of component sizes or industrial sector, rubber lining for anti-corrosion protection can be applied at the operating site. You can thus ensure the required strength of your storage tanks, pipes, reaction vessels, flue gas scrubbers and other assemblies, as well as an excellent protection for concrete components, such as waste water sewers and  waste water neutralization and deionization tanks.

We recommend anti-corrosion protection with rubber lining not only for acid solutions, leach and salts, whose effects are enhanced by high temperatures or sudden temperature changes, but also for the protection of components subjected to mechanical stress.

For on-site application, depending on project requirements, we use the following rubber types:

● Bromobutyl rubber  (BIIR)

● Clorobutyl rubber (CIIR)

● Chloroprene rubber (CR)

● Natural rubber (NR)

● Hypalon (CSM)

● Isoprene rubber /  Styrene-butadiene rubber (IR/SBR)

● Bromobutyl rubber/Polyvinyl chloride (BIIR/PVC)

● Clorobutyl rubber / Chloroprene rubber (CIIR/CR)

You thus have a double guarantee of complete solutions for anti-corrosion protection and a technical team to apply them directly at the operating site on:

  • waste water discharge plants,
  • chloric acid storage tanks,
  • desulphurization plants,
  • slime pits,
  • demineralized water storage tanks,
  • pickling lines, tankers, holding vats,
  • waste water basins, filter tanks, soil washing plants,
  • flooring,
  • neutralization tanks, processing tanks, pipes,
  • water towers, waste incineration stations, warehouses.

Contact us and together we will find the safest solution of anti-corrosion protection for you.




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