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SYSTEM CHEMOLINE 4B - 4 mm rubber covering 


Delivered immediately

Old price: 152.87 Euro / sqm 

OFFER: 76.44 Euro / sqm

(price include sheet rubber, primer and adhesive)

CHEMOLINE 4B is a soft black rubber based on bromobutyl rubber (BIIR), chemically resistant against mineral acids, bases, polar solvents, aqueous phases and also excellent diffusion resistance to gases such as sulphur, dioxide, nitrogen oxides and water vapour.


• Chemical resistance to:

• FeCl3 (ferric chloride) • H2SO4 (sulfuric acid)

• HF (hydrofluoric acid) • FeSO4 (ferrous sulphate)

• HCl (hydrochloric acid) • NaOH (sodium hydroxide)

• NaCl (sodium chloride)

•  Can be used between (-40 ° C) to (+100 ° C).

BONUS: Special Thinner


Various uses, e.g. in flue-gas desulphurisation, in brown-coal power stations, mineral processing

Validity: April 30, 2013


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